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Loss of smell. Girl in front of the mirror sniffs the perfume and realises that she does not smell it.

What is smell loss?

Smell loss, or anosmia, is the inability to detect or recognise odours, ranging from a partial to a complete loss of the ability to perceive odours. It can result from various factors, including infections, nasal congestion, neurological disorders, or traumatic disorders.

Female barista sniffing fresh coffee in cafe

What is smell training?

The scientifically endorsed method for restoring lost sense of smell involves daily, focused sniffing of scents. Recommended by doctors, this simple and safe technique is accessible to all experiencing a loss of taste and smell lasting two weeks or more.

A Man in White Shirt Smelling a Bottle of Essential Oil

Smell Training kits

Scent Recover offers comprehensive smell training kits designed to aid individuals experiencing smell loss. These kits provide curated scents and guidance for daily olfactory exercises and facilitate a scientifically backed approach to restore and enhance the sense of smell.

The kit definitely helped improve my sense of smell after catching Covid last year. They were nicely presented and the customer service was friendly and helpful.

Sophia, Edinburgh UK

About Us

Welcome to Scent Recover, a small, family-run business with a big heart and a personal story at its core. Founded by Sara, a former chef deeply affected by smell loss following a bout of Covid-19 early in the pandemic, our company is driven by a shared commitment to help others rediscover the beauty of scent.

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